5 trending PhD research topics in Big Data

In the past decade, Big Data has emerged as a powerful technology tool and is growing in leaps and bounds. There are a number of industry sectors in which PhD research is being conducted for Big Data, including Ecommerce, banking, insurance, telecom, and the health sector.

There are a number of quality research programs being pursued by PhD scholars on the vast and growing field of Big Data. While the maximum number of Big Data research papers is in the field of computer science (171), other academic fields for this line of research include Engineering (75), Mathematics (33), and Business Management (26).

Listed below are the 5 trending research topics being pursued by PhD scholars around the globe:

  • Big Data analytics

Big Data analytics tool has emerged as a powerful tool used to harness the potential use of big data for industry-specific uses. A number of E-commerce retailers are using analytics for online sales conversion and determining customer behaviour. Other potential use is in the performance improvement of sporting athletes.

  • Improving the quality of healthcare

Currently, research is being conducted in the areas of drug discovery, drug response, bioinformatics, clinical data analysis, and public health data. According to the Mckinsey report on Big Data in 2011, Big Data has the potential of reducing the US national health care costs by around 8%.

  • Data visualization

Big Data users are able to see and analyse big data sets using much improved visualization tools. The advent of touch-sensitive navigation has brought huge improvements in interactive visualization technology.

  • Hadoop framework

Research on Apache Hadoop framework is aimed at developing software applications that can be deployed on a larger and distributed network. Deployed across network clusters, the Hadoop framework has been used by a host of popular web platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Facebook. Other research topics include the MapReduce programming model, used for executing code for processing large amounts of data over distributed network clusters.

  • Distributed Storage systems

Other areas of PhD research include the efficient way of storing volumes of data over large-scale distributed network clusters. Examples include the Google File System used for storing high-data applications over distributed systems, and Bigtable used for structured storage of Big data.

The constant evolution of Big Data presents researchers with dynamic challenges, while also presenting them with opportunities of determining the evolution of science.

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