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How to Elicit a Research Topic for Your PhD Thesis?

One of the most challenging parts of having your PhD may be the dissertation. After spending hours, weeks, as well as months about the different readings as well as assignments after, you have to publish a PhD proposal once and for all. For numerous students, writing a PhD proposal may be the most difficult part […]

How to choose a research topic for phD

A doctoral candidate has to choose a topic out of the lotto begin with his research. The research is processed after the candidate chooses an interesting topic. Researching on a topic and writing a thesis on it is easier than choosing a topic to research. The candidate has to be farsighted to choose a topic […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Pen Down an Effective Synopsis for PhD in Architecture

Today, research is being conducted in various domains including pure science, engineering, MBA, etc. While many research domains are contributing to the existing knowledge or the society for a long time, there are a few other fields which have emerged as the hottest research field. And one such domain is architecture. Yes, you read it […]

A Guide to Writing a Technical Journal Paper

The Template of a Technical Paper   TITLE  An effective title should…Answer the reader’s question: Is this article relevant to me? Grab the reader’s attention Describe the content of a paper using the fewest possible words Is crisp, concise Uses keywords Example: Title selected: A Human Expert-based Approach to Electrical Peak Demand Management Title Rejected: […]

The Essence of MATLAB as a Career Option

MATLAB is a programming language that is frequently used for mathematical modeling and data acquisition across different industry verticals such as the aerospace and aviation industry. It is used to build sophisticated simulations, data mining and machine learning algorithms  that are used in almost every branch of engineering – from mechanical to electrical to chemical […]