Can you write a PhD dissertation in merely 3 months?

It is not new to see a lot of researchers quitting after having struggled hard with their PhD. It isn’t easy to be motivated each morning with the constant stress that comes up with research and its activities, and this can actually take a toll on your personal wellbeing and health. it pushes scholars against the wall and pressurizes them to work no further and just give up.

Let me tell you, if you have it in you, in precisely three months or even lesser, you can bring out your PhD dissertation. You wouldn’t believe it unless you read the tricks to do it:

  • Become seasoned at managing stress: When your nerves wreck, that is the time not to give up. It is rather the time to pick up yourself so that you can put yourself in the right frame of mind to deal with the problem in a better and more efficient manner. By a simple act of not engaging in worthless activities and letting them augment your stress levels, you can actually save your PhD.


  • Give yourself a time phase to work: If you lose your focus from finishing the work in the stipulated time, it may become chaotic for you to handle. Set yourself a timeline. All the better if your supervisor does it for you. Ensure that you do not procrastinate and no further delays creep in with your set deadlines.


  • Be more precise and definite with your decision: After having scheduled up your time frame, you would have to some tough decisions and stick by them. Make yourself tough decisions by deciding to not do multiple things at the same time and vice versa. Your determination would show results, and small achievements would become a gateway to greater accomplishments.


  • Writing should be an exclusive task: Your research should be done before you get onto the task of writing. You must be done with all the preliminary work that is research and your mandatory publications. Never try to do them simultaneously, else you all get jumbled up and lose focus, and it is always easier to write when your fundamentals and raw materials are in place.

I am sure, by now you know that with some determination and consistency in performance. If your focus is at the right place, it isn’t difficult to write your dissertation in as little as three months. Get set and go….!!

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