Know About the Trending Research Areas in Computer Science

4 Months of brain explosion and still have no clue about your research topic?

Well, not your fault!  Computer Science can give a hard time to anyone who wants to proceed the research within. It’s a discipline that extents theory and practice and confuses scholars in deciding their research topic.

Research candidates perceive computer science as the ‘Science of Problem Solving’ and adept at modelling and analyzing problems. The problem solving in computer science requires creativity, precision and careful reasoning.

Computer Scientists claim that the opportunities of specialization within the computer science field are extensive and new specialization areas evolve as the changes are made  in computer hardware and software.

After consulting with a team of professors at Department of Computer Science from University of Caltech, we have prepared a list of trending research areas to help candidate in selecting their research topics.

Research Areas Description Research Topics
BigData Now, managing velocity, volume and variety of BigData is possible with the help of software. So the recent trend in the industry is shifting towards the use of analysis to extract the value of data.
  1. Analyzing the importance of ‘filtering’ and ‘tagging’ on data generated.
  2. Optimization of data analytic techniques
  3. Analyzing tools and deployment platforms for BigData
IoT (Internet of Things) The IoT gives a lot to think about to the IT managers. It represents a vision in which the internet extends into the real world espousing everyday basics. It drives difficult changes in organizational structure to allow transparent innovation for everyone.
  1. Security Risk & challenges in IoT communication
  2. Analyzing the Gauge Charts and Spline Charts for IoT sensor readings
  3. Text-to-speech broadcast using IoT sensors
Swarm Intelligence Swarm Intelligence is the collective behavior of self-organized, decentralized system, natural or artificial.
  1. Optimizing the routing protocols for VANET using swarm intelligence
  2. Analyzing ACO with genetic algorithm
  3. Implementation of AODV protocol for MANET using ACO
Cryptography & Network Security Cryptography is an indispensable tool for information protection. The scope of cryptography isn’t limited to scrambling and interpreting the text, in fact it holds a lot in terms of research trends.
  1. Analyzing & optimizing quantum key distribution
  2. Implementing hybrid AES using RSA and DES
  3. Detection and analysis of Black Hole Attack

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