PhD in Big Data:The next big thing! Are you made for it?

“Big Data”, well the phrase is there almost everywhere. The term was coined quite a while back but got officially incorporated in the Oxford English Dictionary in the year 2013. It has surpassed all levels of inflated expectations and has become nothing less than a rage. But do all of us know what it actually means?

In a very fundamental definition of Big Data, there are three V’s: Volume, Velocity and Variety. However, there are some counter arguments associated with it, which say that thesis of the data is not determinant for categorising it.  Rather, it is based on the tools being used in the data and the kind of insights that are being drawn from it.

If this definition excites you and generates interest in your mind, I have some good news for you. The demand for Big Data scientists is far ahead than the supply at present. With the way the data scientists are getting in demand and the highly competitive industries are looking for them, only those candidates which have qualification of the top most level are the ones who have the brightest chances. If you want to acquire a PhD as a data scientist, here are some quick tips for you:

Have a strong focus on academics: Successful data scientists can be from diverse backgrounds. A good data scientist is the one who has the multi disciplinary experience of applying scientific tools, as this proves quite useful in the application aspect of the data scientist. Stay abreast with latest research trends and read as many journals as possible.

Have the knowledge of business background: A strong background in business and strategy can make a good foundation for the career of a data scientist and can help to jettison the career of a data scientist in the preliminary stage itself. As data scientist you must know:

  • How the business works?
  • How is the data collected?
  • How is the data intended to be used?
  • What is expected to be achieved from the data analysis?

The curriculum of PhD in Big Data in your university: Not all universities at the moment are abreast and equipped enough to offer a PhD in Big Data. If you are sure off doing one and have shortlisted a few options, do look into choosing the one that gives you lot of practical exposure and understanding of application of concepts with a business acumen as eventually, if you do a PhD in Big data, you wouldn’t be getting into academics. Corporate would be your calling and you must enter into it, equipped enough to justify your education.

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