PhD research topics in vlsi design – Important points to take into consideration

The process of creating an integrated circuit by combining a wide range of transistors into a single microchip for the better performance of complex and communicational transistors. The primary example of a VLSI device is a microprocessor. With the scope of VLSI in the technical field, a researcher has a lot to explore and fill the gaps in its existing literature. While doing research, every scholar has to keep in consideration a few points while deciding the topic for the research; similarly whether technical or theoretical, your research-oriented topic should be chosen with a few points in mind: 

  • Analyse the recent trends in VLSI design process.

A researcher will not benefit from prior studies as much as the recent trends will benefit them. With the current trends, the researcher will be aware of the contemporary as well as the previous researches and literature. Analysing the topic by recent trends will help the scholar find the result through the people of this age, who will understand the topic and the essence of it. 

  • Formulate a research objective by considering the existing problems in the literature of the field. 

The research objective will help the researcher develop the scope of the research, which is to be conducted. Considering the problems in the existing literature will help fill the void in the literature by finding the gap and filling it through the research. With the objective, the scholar will know what he has to find in the research and will provide the hypothesis according to it. 

  • Formulate a topic concerning the objective and finalise the technique to realise the objective.

After the formulation of the topic, the PhD candidate should jump on to the next thing of considering to make a topic out of it. When the researcher knows the aim and objective of the research, formulating a research topic will be easy for him as he will know what is the topic to be understood. However, the researcher should make sure that there is enough literature to study on the topic. Neither the literature should be broad nor should it be narrow for the researcher to struggle with it. 

  • Employ/design novel algorithms or techniques that can realise the objective and overcome the identified drawbacks. 

The PhD scholar should design or employ novel and unique algorithms or techniques to overcome the identified drawbacks of literature and achieve the formulated objective. Algorithms like, genetic algorithm and local minimisation algorithm should be used to fill the gap in the literature. 

  • How is this research going to benefit?

Considering the scope of the research will help you attain filling the gap in the existing study, but the researcher must be confident about how this research is going to benefit the academic strata. The research should be of utmost advantage to the people of the field for them to carry forward research out of it or use the benefit of the findings in their research. 

Considering a few points while determining the PhD research topic in VLSI design will help the research a great deal to be confident about the research he is going to conduct. While there are a number of other things to consider while choosing, begin with these to go forth.

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