Teaching and Simulation

One of the areas where simulation has really caught on is teaching. It helps engage the students actively. Many teachers worry that their students will not be paying attention if they just were to give boring lectures. That is why they choose to help simulations capture the interest of their students and also make them active participants in the learning process.

Simulations help teachers and students explore a multiplicity of options and decisions. They are able to evaluate the outcome of various decisions and judge for themselves as to which decision is the best and why. They can even set the parameters and conditions for each test differently and see what the results are. Many real world ideas can be explained through simulations without the cost of having to visit the actual scene.

It also allows the students to play games in the classroom. Playing games is one of the best ways of teaching and learning. Simulations allow students to learn and absorb information through innovative methods that help them retain the subject matter for a lot longer. Simulations also stimulate discussion. It brings about new questions in the minds of students and helps the teachers answer those questions.

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