The benefits of adding XML to a Java Platform

There are many companies today which have an eye on the e-commerce market. They wish to use the vast scope of the Internet to sell their products and services. This places considerable demand on the architecture of the existing website. As more and more demands are made on the site and the company that runs it, the systems need to be flexible and robust with an ability to ramp up their scales at any given point of time.

Many companies are finding out that the best way to achieve these objectives is through using XML’s web publishing features on a Java 2 Platform. Documents written in this language can easily be converted into text. It is also a meta-language. This means that XML can create other languages like VoxML and XHTML. Everybody knows how the functionality of websites goes up exponentially with the use of XHTML. The conversion and creation of these languages is done with the use of XSLT. The processes of many companies across various industries can be automated or at the very least simplified with the use of this powerful combination of Java Platforms and the XML language. It can prove to be quite useful for expanding businesses.

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