The languages used in simulation

The world of simulation has spread so rapidly that it is now commonplace for simulated environments and software to be used everywhere. It has also led to the birth of several languages whose sole purpose is to make simulation easy. MatLab and Simulink are two of the most popular. The best part is that they are also related to each other. The use of one complements the use of the other quite effectively. Both languages were created by MathWorks, which is a Massachusetts based company that specializes in math based computing software.

Other kinds of simulation languages used include GEMS or General Eclipse Modeling System and TSP or Time Series Processor. TSP is commonly found in economics where various models are tested and estimations are made using this software. These languages and other sources have been used to create software that can be used to help students learn driving, study astronomy, analyze the financial markets, detect traffic jams, and indulge in the high end field of robotics. Needless to say, many of these fields might not even have developed without the help of simulation language. It is little wonder then that these languages are being developed to find more improved versions of the same.

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