Why Matlab is the Software of Choice for PhD Candidates in Completing their PhD Projects

Matlab is a  high-performance language used for technical computing and adopted by many PhD candidates for their projects. It offers the integration of computation, visualization & programming environment.

Matlab provides a fast and effective alternative to created algorithm, and this is the main reason it is the software of choice for PhD Candidates.

   Let’s discuss some other features due to those Matlab is the first choice of software.

  • A growing & large database of built-in algorithms for computer vision applications and image processing.
  • Matlab doesn’t ask you for recompilation and allows you to test your algorithm immediately. You can type a command or execute a section in the editor and can immediately see the results. 


  • It has easy to use graphics commands that make the result visualization immediately available. 


  • Matlab offers this amazing facility of the toolbox. Specific applications are collected in packages that are referred as toolbox. These toolboxes are for symbolic computation, signal processing, control theory, power system engineering, optimization, and simulation.


  • For simulating nonlinear dynamic systems, Matlab provides an interactive companion program, Simulink. It allows you to model a system by drawing a block diagram on the screen and manipulating it dynamically. Simulink is a graphical mouse driven program.


  • Matlab allows you to focus on course work and application rather than programming details. It offers the great facility to solve numerical problem in a fraction of time.

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