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Simulation software like MATLAB, Java/J2EE, NS 2, and Simulink are used for the process of modelling real world phenomena in terms of mathematical codes. Research scholars, in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Telecommunications, are prompted to adopt the simulation software in their research programs to investigate and discover new aspects in the particular field.

We provide support for following research domains:

  1. Computer Science & IT Thesis Help:

    Computer Science and Information Technology appear to be synonymous and twins at times. Both of the branches have a wide scope for development and implementation. Areas such as Computer Networks, Information Management, Data Mining, Wireless Networks and DBMS require a great amount of effort and dedication for implementing the solution of various problems.

    Thesis and Code provides assistance for implementing the problems specifically from the domain of computer science and information technology using different software such as MATLAB, NS2, Java/J2EE and Simulink.

  2. Telecommunication and Electronics Thesis Help:

    Electronic Engineering is a vast domain to explore which utilize active and non-linear electrical components such as semiconductor devices and electron tube. Most of the implementation problems in electronic engineering and telecommunication make use of MATLAB and Simulink.

    We at Thesis and Code support research candidates from Electronics and Telecommunication domain in implementation and journal article writing.

How does Thesis & Code help you?

It is important for researchers to hold the knowledge and expertise of choosing appropriate software in the field of their study. Our expert team, possessing a wealth of experience in the implementation of simulation programs, can assist research candidates in the use of software specific to their research domain.

Having adequate software for handling this vast amount of research is essential. That is why research is also being done simultaneously into how simulation software and programming languages can be improved. MATLAB and Simulink have had numerous versions released one after the other so that researchers can benefit from the advancements.

Our company helps research on both sides of the equation.

  • We provide suggestions for improvement on the existing software through information we glean from our interaction with the market.
  • At the same, time we also guide scholars as to how best they can use the existing software for their needs.

Through our efforts, we constantly strive to improve the quality of your research which enhances your chances of success in academia.

  • Name:- Deepak Mehta
    Rating:- fourpointfive
    I am pleased to say a huge thanks to their expert team who made me learn a lot about the use of such complex software like MatLab Simulation.
  • Name:- Daniel Smith
    Rating:- fourpointfive
    You guys are truly a paramount in your Java Implementation and Domain Research service. Highly recommend Thesis & Code to all my peers.
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    Rating:- fourpointfive
    This was my second time that I hired your service and proved me again that my choice was the best. Thanks a million to you and your team.
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    Rating:- fourpointfive
    Coding was always my weakest point and getting the perfect help at right time from you team really saved me from ruining my thesis. Thanks a lot Thesisandcode team!
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    Rating:- fourpointfive
    I must say their customer support service is excellent. Never have seen any service provider who offers such quick responses to their clients. Greatly impressed with you!
  • Name:- Ravi Shastri
    Rating:- fourpointfive
    I attended one of the training sessions they conducted a month ago, and gained much information about the use of software like NS 2, Java, MatLab, and Simulink.
  • Name:- William Thomas
    Rating:- fourpointfive
    Your free samples are very useful and informative. You guys are doing a commendable job. Looking forward to use more of your services in future!
  • Name:- Praveen Saini
    Rating:- fourpointfive
    Thesis & Code really impressed me with their amazing service quality, friendly behaviour and on-time delivery. I’m glad to have hired them!
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    One of the best services by the experts at Thesis and Code.
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    Good one.....good for a bignner like me

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