PhD Projects in Image processing – A guide for developing research problem

It is not that we use technology. We live technology!

The process of analysing and manipulating an image to improve its quality is called image processing. Thef image input is processed through a processed signal, and the output may be an image that has better quality. Image processing is rapidly growing with its technologies, and the field of study is opening broader prospects for the researchers to study in Computer Science. The area explores core research areas within engineering and computer science discipline too. 

There are two types of method for image processing :

  • Digital image processing
  • Analogue image processing

The image processing involves three steps where the first one is of importing the image, the second is to analyse and manipulate it, and the third is the output of the manipulation where the report is altered as per the processed image. Digital techniques are pre-processing, image and display enhancement, and information extraction. 

Due to the growth in the field of image processing, it is a broad field for the research scholars to explore. However, the problem is to develop a problem for the research first. To establish a research problem, the researcher has to analyse the research area first. Without a broad area in mind to study, the research will only be struggling with the field topic. The scholar can go nowhere with ‘image processing’ in his brain. He has to develop a broad area of the field. 

There are multiple areas in the field to explore, for example, image segmentation, Medical classification and detection, Image Enhancement. While looking at the numerous areas in the field to explore, the exposure is huge in medical classification and detection. The researcher has to use the correct algorithm to come to a research area to examine. Also, a significant research problem could be medical image compression. 

After coming to a final area of the field to explore, analyse on various techniques and algorithm to conduct the research. A researcher has to have a broad idea of all the steps of researching before even conducting it, because what if the research gets stuck in the middle of the process? Thence, analyse all the areas of your consideration to be confident of your decision. Evaluate the results obtained by previous scholars and the drawbacks of their researches. Haven’t we all heard, somebody’s weakness could be another’s strength? Make use of those drawbacks to bring them out as the research problem of your research. 

Once you identify the multiple problems in those researches, you think of how your research will make a difference in the field and how you will conduct the research to prove your hypothesis. Formulate the solution and a way to solve it with a novel approach. Tah Dah! Your research problem is developed for you to conduct the research. 

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