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PhD research topics in vlsi design – Important points to take into consideration

The process of creating an integrated circuit by combining a wide range of transistors into a single microchip for the better performance of complex and communicational transistors. The primary example of a VLSI device is a microprocessor. With the scope of VLSI in the technical field, a researcher has a lot to explore and fill […]

PhD Project on the Internet of Things (IoT) – How to start and work on this research

Just as the name suggests, the Internet of Things is a connectivity of the physical things to the internet and to other connected devices. The ‘thing’ can relatively be anything, from a pen to microwave; from some electrical device to everyday physical objects. The IoT allow objects to be sensed through sensors and be remotely […]

How to Elicit a Research Topic for Your PhD Thesis?

One of the most challenging parts of having your PhD may be the dissertation. After spending hours, weeks, as well as months about the different readings as well as assignments after, you have to publish a PhD proposal once and for all. For numerous students, writing a PhD proposal may be the most difficult part […]

How to choose a research topic for phD

A doctoral candidate has to choose a topic out of the lotto begin with his research. The research is processed after the candidate chooses an interesting topic. Researching on a topic and writing a thesis on it is easier than choosing a topic to research. The candidate has to be farsighted to choose a topic […]