PhD Project on the Internet of Things (IoT) – How to start and work on this research

Just as the name suggests, the Internet of Things is a connectivity of the physical things to the internet and to other connected devices. The ‘thing’ can relatively be anything, from a pen to microwave; from some electrical device to everyday physical objects. The IoT allow objects to be sensed through sensors and be remotely accessible from any corner of the globe. Embedded with technology, these devices can be a part of the internet to communicate and interact over there, while being controlled and monitored remotely from another part of the world. The objects are used to transmit data, using the best possible network to connect them. Howsoever, nowadays, most people prefer the wireless technology to connect to the other device. When the ‘thing’ is augmented with the sensor, the technology becomes smarter with the access of internet in it. 

A survey says that by the year 2030, the world will have more things of the internet, with people relying on the technology. Ever since the technology has taken over the world, it has only been growing and getting powerful among the people. The applications and devices to get connected to the internet are extensive and have multiple categories. 

How does it work? 

Internet of Things connects the devices and objects through the inbuilt sensors in them, integrating the sharing of the data and information with the application in it. The Internet of Things pinpoint precisely the needed information for the person and works smartly as per it, ignoring the rest of the information, which is not useful to the device and the user. The information and the device can detect patterns, make recommendations and suggestions, and detect possible hurdles even before they occur. The sensors detect the patterns to make the necessary changes and communicate with other devices to know about the potential difficulties or changes in the plan. The information picked by the connected devices enables the user to make wise and smart decisions, based on the real-time information. 

The IoT provides the insights into a situation to avoid it and to keep the user satisfied with his schedule. 

How vast is the field?

With devices and systems being connected digitally, they can be controlled from anywhere in the world. As a result of the Internet of  Things, haven’t we seen the new sensory system in air conditioners being operated from another corner of the world? 

Internet of Things is a transformational force that can help companies and industries grow. The companies will improve their performance with the help of IoT in analytics and security. Aided by the interactional and transmission data, IoT will help people be aware of future mishaps to make informed and wise decisions.

How to start and work on this research?

The scope of Internet of Things is very extensive, and thus, numerous researches have been done on in the field. However, researchers are still working on the topic to know all about the future standard of living. But how should a researcher begin his research on a broad topic like this?  

  • Identify the concept and the platform for the research. 

The researcher has to narrow down his idea of researching in the field of IoT. Since any device or application can get connected to another through hardware, and get embedded through a computing system or internet, the researcher has to make a wise decision for it. If your research is about the smart city or smart homes, then the concepts related to the field of smart city or smart home has to be analysed clearly with the availability of the technique and product. The researcher has to examine broadly about the ease of collection of data. 

  • Choose a hardware 

The hardware selection for the Internet of Things deals with the sensors, actuators, etc. The hardware will be the mode of connection for the devices to exchange information. The hardware will help the researcher gain information and collect data through it.  

  • Select the network connection 

The network connection will help the researcher connect the devices and make a data transmission route. The network could be wireless or wired, making a routing process to transfer data from device A to device B. The network connection will make sure to provide the shortest and easiest route to the devices to transmit the data. 

While this is just the beginning process of the research, primary research can be carried out in designing the routing protocol and secure the transmitted data using encryption and algorithm for secured transmission of the data.

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