Understanding the MATLAB Environment and Its Implementation

MATLAB is an emerging matrix programming language that is used for different complex numerical calculations and simulations. The programming language is created by MathWorks Inc. and it allows functions and scripts to be used on an open source called the Octave. This open source is available on leading computer systems like Windows, Linux and Mac.


Simulink is an additional package of MATLAB that supports graphical representations in the form of flow charts for various codes. MATLAB is a conducive environment for embedded system design and it can be used in a number of industries like engineering, statistics, economics, science, application deployment, mathematics, code generation, image processing, measurements and much more.

A real life example where MATLAB can be implemented effectively:

If a new automobile model is being created, the design engineers will have to finalize a prototype before the manufacturing implementation begins. As per traditional methods, they would opt for a pictorial representation to plan the model and execute the functions. However, if there were enormous amounts of efforts made to design the prototype as per certain specifications, the process becomes time-consuming and expensive. There is a lot of wastage in terms of the raw materials used in the failed prototype. Here, MATLAB facilitates the user to create a prototype using unique tools to implement the functionality of the model and simulate its working. The entire process of the prototype can be completed in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and this can save a lot of money as well as time for the engineers and the automobile company. This model that has been designed can be used as a template for designing future prototypes as it can be altered as per the new prototype requirements.

If you need assistance in your research related to such problems, you can always rely on MATLAB to provide efficient, timely and cost-effective solutions.

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