How to choose a research topic for phD

A doctoral candidate has to choose a topic out of the lotto begin with his research. The research is processed after the candidate chooses an interesting topic. Researching on a topic and writing a thesis on it is easier than choosing a topic to research. The candidate has to be farsighted to choose a topic and shall pick a topic that has a proper conclusion.

Out of thousands of topics, there is virtually no topic that is left untouched. The researcher should keep in mind that he has to choose a topic that is not researched too much or too little. A too much-researched topic will give a large number of matters for the candidate to study, whereas a too little researched topic will not give sufficient matter to study, and thus the matter in the paper would not be properly researched.

The first step to choose a topic is that it should be interesting. The candidate should pick up a topic that interests himself. There are great papers written in every field but the point is to find an interesting topic for themselves. While choosing a topic one must ask themselves that why
would a person read it. Why would he care to study it?

The candidate should be ready with the history of the selected topic to know what’s coming on his way. He should be well aware of the literature existing on the chosen topic.

The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a topic is that the research should have closure. Proper closure is very important to the topic. The research should allude at an engaging issue for the readers to ponder on it, with a methodology to resolve the issue. The issue might not be unique and refreshing for the reader but the solution should be.

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